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Originally Posted by Delavan View Post
Pictures of the 6990???

Posted on anand's site:

Amd HD 6990 Photo's - AnandTech Forums

Big card! You can see the two x-braces on the back...also, the fan seems to be in the might just be a prototype with a blank PCB who knows.

Not sure if thats legit and/or the final version yet. And Ill explain why I think that:

Look at the position of the X-braces on the card. The second GPU core is almost at the very edge of the card, which means the VRMS/GDDR is in between both GPU cores? This means either AMD is breaking from standard and putting in a central fan, which will exhaust the heat of the first GPU core outside the case and exaust the second back into the case. I don't find this very likely, but it is possible.

HOWEVER!!! Upon some further thought, and perhaps my over-optimistic hopes for Antilles, this Could be a legit card with the cores/GDDR configuration as above... but it created as such on purpose due to AMD having (finally?) developped a direct interconnect between the GPUs... OR at very least a way for them both the share the same GDDR.

Food for thought?
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