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I am surprised how well an E6400 can keep up handling eyefinity in Dragon Age without changing any of my graphic settings with a single 6870 while my main mobo is out on RMA.

Originally Posted by Killswitch View Post
I've really been into Dirt 2 and Need for Speed: Shift with my eyefinity setup. FPS'ers are cool in eyefinity but I'm just as happy playing them on one monitor......... IMO they're just not as fun in eyefinity as racing games can be. Especially when you have a good racing wheel and you're mashing the gas in hood view!!
I absolutely love the extra field of view you get in driving games such as Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit. Being able to see when a car is pulling up beside you so you can ram them against the wall really adds to it. Only downside is the fact my map is far off to the left monitor bottom left side so i have to glance there every so often, same goes with my speed however typically not as concerned as what turn is coming up next.
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