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My System Specs


Thanks guys.

I would prefer to run a cable, but it would be an eye sore because of the distance it will have to travel, It would also be a real pain attaching it to the wall. I don't like wireless because of past experience with connection issues drop outs and it seems to slow down at certain times of the day, Things I didn't or have not noticed while using a cable.

I am thinking of powerline but the house is quite old and has been renovated a few times so I don't know if the plugs by the modem would be on the same line as the ones in this room, I have read that this can cause problems and I am not too keen on buying those expensive things to find out they don't work or have whatever kind of problem.

Also I do not have a phone line in this room or a MINET Internet Jack, which it looks like you need to run a repeater bridge, (Sorry if I am not making sense as you can tell I know very little about this kind of thing).

It is looking like wireless is my only solid option, I am using a Belkin 54Mbps USB receiver at the moment and it is not bad I even had a few good online games in Black Ops yesterday, it stays around 3 out of 5 bars and speed test shows me 10Mbps download 0.80 upload and a 25ms ping, with cable I normally got 15ms ping but I don't know how accurate it is seeing how the host servers probably change?

Thanks again for your help guys.
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