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My System Specs


Company Name: Eagle Tech
Product: Usb 3.0 Enclosure
Warranty Period: 1 year
Date purchased: Summer / fall 2010
Date RMAed: winter 2010
Where it was sent to: never sent anything
Ease of RMA: 10
Any extra fees?: nope
Wait time: less then a week, I don't know the exact date they shipped but it was here fast
Details: I received a usb 3.0 enclosure from these guys without a power supply a couple months back and had just opened it, I ended up trying to find one on ebay or find one locally, my local search came up dead as they just were not powerful enough, I did however find one on ebay. Got it a month later and it was broken, the plug was smushed with something like pliars. So I decide to get ahold of Eagle Tech and see what they would say, I expected to be told to screw off that mistakes like that do not happen etc etc but they simply asked me to email my invoice to them and they would send me a new one, I did this on around December 22nd, got no reply's however about weather or not the item shipped. I contacted them again on the 27th and got a very detailed explaination about why it may of not of shipped or if it did, they then told me to re submit the invoice and they would make sure it was sent out now. Today this morning I open my door to let my dog out and I see a package from someone, I figured it was just from NCIX as it was a similar size to there small boxes and left it on my coffee table for awhile until later when I get home and my cats playing with it. I take a look and it's from Eagle Tech Now, they must've shipped this thing the fastest way possible to get it to me during this holiday rush, even if it was sent on the 22nd that to me is damn good shipping isn't it? Now if it was shipped on the 27th then that is just plain amazing. all I got to add is Eagle Tech's RMA department has everything perfected except the little bit of lack of communication which could be fixed easy otherwise there running it perfectly.
Satisfaction: 10
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