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I have basically posted my half of the story, if you have been commissioned to build something, and the person pays $1500 of the total, and sends back the $750 unit to finish it (so yes $2250, the same cost as most 2 stagers on the Euro side). And that $750 unit does not come back with its case, its power requirements, and its beat to hell in every way, do you think you'd not have some financial issues with the buyer? Especially when the $750 was CREDITED AS A $750 UNIT because parts were going to be reharnessed from it for "second hand" cheaper builds for other people.
And then when the person sends an extra $100, they spin it and say its "overbudget" when they are the original source of that "overbudget".

I think your negativity is rather amazing though, Wanker's already seen his unit.
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