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Default Where's my vid card stand vs upgrading?

Seems like forever ago I made my sig but I'm STILL running the comp in my sig. I kinda game in fits and spurts, usually during the winter months when it's too cold to woodwork out in the garage, so I have some games to catch up on this year. I want to get the new COD and look into SC2 as well, possibly others. I still have a GTX 280 and am considering an upgrade, but I'm sort of looking for a reference point. Obviously the new hardware is going to be an upgrade but how much? I don't want to buy a new card just to find out its more of a 'sidegrade'.

If I were to make a move I'd prefer to go with an ATI. I'm not a fanboy but they seem to run AutoCAD MUCH better than the nVidia's without getting into specialized cards. The 6850's and 6870's are certainly within reach but are they a significant increase over what I have now to justify the cost?
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