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My System Specs


Here's how I'm taking the rumors of the upcoming bulldozer line.

AMD has been saying this brand new architecture is "hyperthreading done right". But they also said something similar regarding the first quad core cpus they produced.... the 1st gen Phenom. They hyped it up to be better then the competition because it was "four true individual cores" rather then the way Intel was pumping out quads, which was a pair of dual cores sandwiched together. We all know how that story turned out. AMD failed.

After some tweaking the Phenom II turned out to be a VERY decent bang-for-piece and indeed DID outperform the first gen of Intel quads like it was suppose to in the first place. I just hope AMD gets this one right the FIRST time. I've been (and still am) very satisfied with my Phenom II rig. I plan to go with an AM3+ Bulldozer rig if AMD pulls this one off.

In other words, I hope I don't have to wait around for Bulldozer II.
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