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My System Specs


Update again, 1GHz CPU clock requires 1174 voltage (1.174), I have this card running stable at 950 / 1200 without touching the voltage. It passed a few hours of FurMark and peaked at 70c. This is with automatic control, if I set it to 100% fan speed the temperatures are much much lower but the noise is annoying :P. Fur mark in benchmarking mode posts no difference in Average FPS between 900 and 1000 core clock so I put it in the middle, dropped the voltage down to stock and am now running it at 36c idle and around 55c after a few hours of gaming.

Fixed some airflow around with my H50 and the temperatures dropped by a few degree's. I'll take the 1c additional temperature difference on my CPU over the 4c difference with this fan configuration.
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