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My System Specs


Originally Posted by JD View Post
Not sure what your receivers are like, but I know with some satellite ones they're actually all networked, so if you record a show on one, you can watch it on the other.
I'm rocking some rather old receivers. They're HD receivers but they don't have network capabilities than I'm aware of(other than connecting a phone line to it for PPV...)

Originally Posted by JD View Post
It seems like a rather costly setup though just to be able to watch TV on PCs? I can only assume you already have a receiver on each TV...
The "Hauppauge HD PVR" are quite costly indeed. But I strongly beleive they are not required for the setup I'm trying to acheive here. The external PVR sure does allow for 1080p, but my provider only feeds 1080i. So a capture card should be able to replace the external PVR. If I was to get the Capture Card I posted above, I'd need 2 for my 3 receivers since each card has 2 inputs. That right there cuts the price tag by a few folds.
ExternalPVR @ ~ 200$ X 3 ~ 600$
Capture Card @ ~ 100$ X 2 ~ 200$

Then there's the SageTV software. I'd have to see if there are other "ways" to get the software
SageTV server + 1comp @ ~ 100
5 extra clients @ ~ 40$
For a bottom line of approx. 300$ for software only
I like the first line of this paragraph better for some reason

Originally Posted by JD View Post
Have you considered Netflix? I believe they offer TV shows.
It's also possible you could steam the shows for free, depending on what you watch. For example there's Rogers On Demand Online that has some shows (looks the same as Hulu IMO but with less selection), or you can go directly to say Global's site and stream some of their shows.
That's the sad part. I don't even watch stupid TV. I watch the news, I watch hockey, and I watch whatever happens to be on TV when I decide to actually watch it lol But when I watch it, I want to be able to stand up, go into another room and keep watching.
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