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My System Specs


I would run a wire, and run it as tidy as possible.

If that's impossible, then try your luck with powerline ethernet adapters. They may not work at all. Just remember, if you're just connecting to the internet with them all you need is equal or faster speed than your internet package from the powerline adapters. IE: if you have 15mbit ISP service, then 35mbit from powerline ethernet adapters is perfectly fine. The connection from these devices once connected seems to be stable. Mine has never dropped out, anyway.

Wireless works, then it doesn't. Then it kinda does. If you're going to do wireless then make sure you make you buy good equipment and you're getting good signal. Maybe I'm totally mediocre but I doubt that the latency from wireless is going to make much difference. The difference between wired machines and wireless machines here is about 10ms, which is 1/100th of a second, I believe.
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