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My System Specs

Default Gaming - Internet Connection options?

I have moved my Gaming PC far away from my modem, the room that it is in does not have a telephone line so I can not move the modem in the room.

Now I am not sure how big of a deal it really is when people say "Don't use a wireless card because of latency" ect..ect.. But I do know that I am a pretty average gamer and I prefer to have as little latency as possible so I perform well.

What options do I have? I can not drag a huge cable through the house because I don't like the look of it, I have heard about these things, you plug one into a wall by the modem connect it to the modem then take the other one and plug it into a wall socket in your room and connect your computer to that so it uses your power cables to make a lan cable or some thing lol. I may be way off here I saw it on Linus's youtube channel once.

That is the only thing I can think of, what are your opinions on the matter any suggestions?

EDIT:*The thing I am going on about is Powerline, The fastest I have seen on shopbot is 200mbps and realistically this means 35mbps (according to the reviews) Speeds may be different in Canada or the US but 200mbps is the fastest I can find so far, but I suppose the thing I really want is low latency..

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