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My System Specs

Default Gigabyte 6850 <3 It (Decent OC'r it seems)

So I bought this graphic card to replace a 9500 GT which was a replacement for a 3870 X2 that died, I have to say I'm loving this 6850, I bought the Gigabyte model and without much effort I've already pushed it from 775 Core, 1005 Memory to 1000 Core, 1200 Memory. Not only is it extremely silent (I can't hear it over my Hard Drive or Corsair H50) but it's also operating at a very nice temperature (or I assume it's nice) - 32c - 36c Idle and 61c is the peak temperature, ambient temperature is 23c currently and 27c - 28c in the case. (Auto-Fan puts it @ 56% at load which is still extremely quiet)

I had a rough time finding a lot of information on this particular card but from what I did find it's been able to go above 1125MHz core clock so I'm going to see how far this will go before it screams. I overclocked this specific model by using Sapphire TRIXX but Afterburner should work too, I bumped the voltage from 1.5v to 1.2v (In trixx this is 1200 on the voltage slider), I'm going to see if I can drop the voltage down to 1.8v and test it's stability tonight.

In other news my new H50 is now keeping my CPU @ 54c (during Prime95 and it sat their for 4 hours) while overclocked to 4GHz, it's not an expensive chip but the E6500 is going to be what I'm using until Socket 2011.
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