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Originally Posted by Soultribunal View Post
Dan, his cards are dying now. Are you saying "oh just don't play on your computer until things are cheaper?" Perhaps giving reasonable advice would be more appropriate, and actually reading the situation at hand.

OP - The 6950 really looks like a solid card at its price point, and I would suggest grabbing one now if your cards are dying. That way, when you do have your new LCD you don't have to worry about what your card is capable of doing.


Thanks for the feedback. Exactly what I was thinking.

Also, in response to Dan, I have cleaned the cards thoroughly. That is not the issue. Cards are running too hot, fans dying, and cards can't handle games that they used to be able to rip through. There's no point in waiting for 6950's to drop by 50-100 dollars. That $100 isn't going to make or break me. They are great bang for the buck, even if my res currently won't really push the card. That's ok with me. I'd rather have more power under the hood than I currently need than just enough to get by. :)
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