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My System Specs


Well well well!

I ended up receiving almost everything by Friday, except for the single radiator and the Feser fittings that were coming from Elwoodz. Although I am disappointed with Canada Post, I should be receiving those by middle of the week. I'll finish my build then, but for now, some more pictures.

I really couldn't resist getting it set up and running now, just to see what it could do... So, 4 hours after arriving at the apartment, I was priming. 57 degrees on my i7 860 under full load at 3.8GHz, 1.282v.

Pictures to follow... And I do apologize for the quality, as the camera has a broken screen. I have to take a lot of pictures just to get anything half decent.

This was the haul for the weekend. 16GB of DDR3, 72 kcups (That jet fuel is pretty darn good), the water blocks from the previous post, looooots of bitspower compressions, a bitspower 90 degree rotary, an enzotech spacer and t block, along with 3 feser 45 degree compressions.

First thing done when I got home. The GPU. Really doesn't look as menacing without the Twin Frozr II heat sink.

That's better. Still not as menacing. But a little bit better looking.

EK Supreme HF mounted. Thing is nice looking. Great finish on the base too.

Some leak testing. Only one leak, and it was the 45 degree rotary adapter at the fill port. Not a big deal at all. Pump was secured with zip ties and dampened with some neoprene from a cheap laptop case.

My tubing in the front. Was difficult to get the reservoir to fit here, but definitely worked out well. Not as clean as I would have liked it, but still better than it could have been.

So, as it's not done yet, may as well say what's next.

Waiting on the X-changer 120 from Elwoodz. Need to get it shipped from Amherst to Truro when it arrives there... Along with that is 11 Feser compressions, 7 feser barbs, and 3 feser 45 degree rotary compressions. Also, I'm waiting on a couple of plugs, so I can move my drain port from under the reservoir to between the pump and video card. Will be attaching the T-block directly to the pump, then having a drain port off of that.

I honestly don't like the Swiftech res too much. What I did was order some male to male fittings, and a new EK multi option advanced res. It'll be attached to the pump, which will be clipped to the side. Not sure how yet, but I'm working on that. I'm also going to be putting a fill port off the radiators outlet using an enzotech t block, another male to male fitting, and some compressions. A drain port will be put off the pump in the same fashion.

Eventual loop SHOULD be reservoir > pump > GPU > 120 rad > CPU > 360 rad > res.

So, expect a finished build by the weekend!

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