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Originally Posted by headsh0t View Post
I think you pretty much answered your own question by saying that. If you are not getting the 100+ digitall channels on your TV with just straight analog into it, then no you will not get them. You could however hookup a DCT/STB to a TV tuner card and just set it to channel 3 on your PC and use the DCT to change channels with it's remote, if you wanted to.

Also, on the topic of "All Digital in 2011", whoever said that that does not mean Analog cable is disappearing is correct. It only means you won't be able to receive OTA (over the air) analog signals, only digital ones. IE: Rabbit Ears won't work.
Actually the rabbit ear's antenna would work fine it's the NTSC tuner that they are attached to that won't work :) (and yes a GOOD HD Antenna does make a difference)
and now for something completely different

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