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My System Specs


I think I can answer your questions m0pelley99. My cable company transmits both analog and digital. The analog channels don't require a set-top box while the digital channels do. The first 50 channels are available on analog and digital. The channels above 50 are digital only.

I've got a Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-2250. It is connected directly without a set-top box. I get the first 50 channels through analog on my computer. The digital channels are all encrypted, except some of the music channels.

It's probably the same for you. You can get the channels 2-62 on your computer without the box. If you want to get the other channels, you'll have to connect the output of the box to the computer.

I use Windows Media Center that's included with Windows 7. I also MCEBuddy to rencode some of the shows I record. It's mainly to save diskspace. It also has the advantage to reencode to a format compatible with my iPod Touch. Recording on the pc also has the advantage that you can adjust the play speed. I often watch TV on my pc at 1.50x or 2.0x the speed when the show is not worth watching at the regular speed and I want to waste as little time as possible watching.
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