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and I don't mind 1650x1050 on my 22 inch for now. Plus I don't know what a HD 5850 that is still leass then a year old is worth????
Yes, perfectly fine.

This are the issues here:
-Most popular games are console ports these days...they're relatively easy to run.
-a single Hd5850 is good enough at your res. 1680 X 1050...
There was a visiontek HD5850 on sale at NCIX for $150 last week( they're sold out of course!!!)! TRy to find one at that price could be a good thing to do (after you get a 1080p monitor,and if your mobo and psu are supporting that) to game at 1680 X 1050 or 1080P confortably for the next few years IMHO...

Graphics cards makers know all that and have a hard time convincing people to buy more cards and upgrade...cause the games aren't following the GPU cycles...

so they try to get people into MULTI-MONITOR and HIGHER's the only way for them to make somebody needing more GFX power right now...

I'd say that 1080P (or 1920 X 1200) is the sweet spot now (in price and offerings) so a good setup that gives you good FPS at that res is nice..
anything above that is there to help nVIDIA and AMD to keep afloat...
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