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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Delavan View Post
I was in the same boat with my HD5870 running at 1680 X 1050...

The 6950 looks nice and all, and does a little better at "min FPS". also, it has better tesselation performance....BUT, the 5870 is still a nice card (ans so is the 5850)....

As stated above, go 1080P or better RES. first...then grab a 6970, GTX570 or whatever (WORTHY of a real upgrade from your 5850)...

The future's bright: Price will drop a little on 6970, on GTX570, the GTX560 will come out (read SLI), the dual GPU 6990 and "possible" dual Fermi GF110 card...

Crossfire scaling on 69** is is GTX5** cards....

The first step is BETTER RESOLUTION, then more power...
Agreed. This would actually be my first suggestion before ANY hardware upgrade.
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