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with eyefinity you can run different monitor sizes, and even different resolution monitors, however obviously you'll be restricted to the highest resolution of the lowest resolution monitor in the group. I've not tried different resolution monitors on my nvidia setup as that setup is 3d as well, so i have 3 exact monitors on it. Looking at the nvidia site however i'll quote:

"All displays must have a common resolution, refresh rate, and sync polarity"

Notice it says "common" not "exact" that would mean that if you have 3 monitors and one is not capable of ANY of the higher resolutions that the other 2 would have you'd be stuck with something like 1024x768x3 or less (i'm pretty sure every monitor anyone would be using these days will be capable of at least that) What this means is that if you have 2 16:9 monitors and a 4:3 monitor, you'll likely have issues, otherwise you can mix and match them as you wish, as long as they all share a common res / refresh rate and polarity, which pretty much every widescreen monitor will share some kind of res with every other.

The matrox TH2G is dead tech, so i wont even talk about it unless someone has a specific question.

If you saw linus playing mw2, he musta found a hack to make it work because by default your running around like a midget (fov stretches averything short and fat)

After searching around a bit i found this:

Widescreen Fixer

Looks like its supposed to fix mw2 and black ops (asuming because black ops is included in the fix that black ops doesnt work with eyefinity)

I've never used it, so check it out an see if it works, let us know.

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