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Default Silent Phase Cooler - SB Friendly :D

So finally another cooler for sale

This is one of the units I'd put together in the 'Vapo Mod' thread, as an example of how to rework older units for high load.
The cooler itself was the 'Twin Turbo' unit, but the compressor was replaced with a very low noise 1/4hp version.
And it's quiet. Very quiet. After the initial 10 seconds or so of the compressor getting started it goes almost silent, hard to hear over the fans, which are also very quiet. I used a pair of Antec 3 speed fans. The front is at 'medium' setting and the rear at 'high'.

Both fans pull air in, which is vented through the side blowholes. There is a condensor mounted front and back, which is the reason that low noise fans are possible, and load temps remain very good.

It's also fitted with a small suction line heat exchanger, which helps with the load charge and enhances subcooling in the captube.

Overall temps run -40 unloaded, and -20c at 350w measured at the evap.

It will go very slightly colder when the compressor is still cold.

So it should tend to keep the actual cpu core temp around 10c at the highest load, and -10 at low load. This should end up being pretty good for the Sandy Bridge cpu's according to most of the testing going on.

Comes with foam tape and a few sheets of insulation for install.

Also comes with all the mounting hardware for Intel, I made a custom Perspex plate set for it, slotted for Intel mounting.

Flex line is 24", so good for a bench setup, but still short enough to use under a case if you prefer.

Evap is a larger Duniek one, ideal for high load cpus. The 350w capacity means it'll work well right up to 6 core load.

I'll include the original plates, with universal holes for everything else. The originals didn't have room for 1156/1366 holes.

The only 'bad' is the display on it. I waited for 3 weeks to get a probe for it, only to find out it won't read that well. It works, but only has a 30 degree total range. At 20c/room temp, it reads around 5c. At -40c, it reads around -20c.

It's annoying, but still works as a reference to know it's cold enough to boot. I don't have another display here right now for it, and I've installed a second K type probe for a meter. If you need precision measurements, that's where to get them but the display works enough to use it. The temperatures are what they are, regardless. I can't just take out the display, since it would leave a great big hole

Ideally, booting when the display is around -10 or colder works well, for those that don't have a K type thermometer.

So I'm making it a bargain, with that one small flaw in an otherwise nice quiet cooler.

I'm asking for $525 plus shipping. That usually runs 50 bucks in Canada, around $75 in the US.

Guaranteed for a year of course. I'll guarantee the display will continue to work, just as it is as well.

As always, willing to consider trades.


Oh, and I'd taken the pics that were tagged with XS on them. Sorry, can retake more photos with HWC instead if it matters. I put links to the build threads as well that are on XS, since I haven't gotten them here yet but I can remove those if it's against policy. Hope it's ok, there's info in there that people might want to know about.
I like the cold...
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