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My System Specs


Originally Posted by lowfat View Post
Ya I loved my 7G until I was able to grab an IBM Model M for cheap. Then when I moved on to the blue keyswitches in my Filco, it was like first love . Now going back to my 7G just feels wrong in my opinion.
I'd probably use a Model M if they had more then 2KRO. I can't remember if they even have that. I'm really curious about the blues, but I have a feeling they'd really annoy me in FPS games in particular. Only one way to find out.. soon enough

Originally Posted by lowfat View Post
Yes the keycaps on the black switches pop off really easy. Especially the keys at the bottom if you don't hit them straight on.
This sounds like a quality control issue, either with the Steelseries keyboards or the keycaps they use. This does not happen on my Filco at all, the keys are on VERY securely unless I remove them with my keycap puller.

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