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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Vittra View Post
It's all preference. Some people love their MX blacks for typing, most do not. I use mine for everything and it's alright, though I'd like to try browns or blues but i'll be waiting for the Leopolds most likely before this happens.
Ya I loved my 7G until I was able to grab an IBM Model M for cheap. Then when I moved on to the blue keyswitches in my Filco, it was like first love . Now going back to my 7G just feels wrong in my opinion.
Originally Posted by martin_metal_88 View Post
I saw only 2 G6V2 and G7, and both were having really cheap key. I mean, when we received the box all the key were falling into the box, they were not well holded into position. If it's a feature for easy clean it's not for me XD. Unfortunatly I never tryed them.
Yes the keycaps on the black switches pop off really easy. Especially the keys at the bottom if you don't hit them straight on.

Originally Posted by SatoriToker View Post
well mechanical wise black and brown switches aren't noisy unless you bottom out alot. Blue switches on the other hands are very noisy and can be quite annoying lol.
Annoying or sexy depending on the person. I personally love the sound of the blues clacking away. Although I do live alone. I am sure if I had someone living with me they would rather rather annoyed with me.
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