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In response to the OP who is asking for a MUCH more expensive pre-built. I don't post much on liquid cooling stuff these days, but here's a great article about "what's important when designing your liquid cooling setup" whether it's a pre-built or a custom one.

The legendary Cathar dispels the important of flow rate myth once and for all. Amazing how much debate there still is about this stuff when this article is from 3+ years ago: The impact of tubing sizes - XtremeSystems Forums

The graphs make it look like a big difference, but look at the math at the bottom where he crunches out the actual temperature difference on a 100W heat load. We're talking about a 1 degree difference between all of those dramatic looking graphs as a worst case scenario...

This is fairly basic stuff. Things that impact performance: adding more surface area to the CPU block, adding more surface area to the radiator, adding more airflow through the radiator.

Honestly you could probably lower your temps just as much by blowing at the CPU socket as you could by changing tubing/pump combos...
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