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simple let your fingers do the thinking, by follow your white and a blue cable twisted together to other end of it and then orange, green and black wire twisted together, to thier ends an see where they go on front cover

note most cases are

start: blu/wht

power led: grn/wht


HDD led: org/wht

for the led's connections they have to be polarity correct to work, flip them around if not lighting up

the wht usally is the positive on led wiring

start sw or reset sw not a issue

speaker some need to be correct

as rest said check your MB manual .pdf pinout for front header

Note: for the message/ power , usally is a double filament daul color led

if don't have one, can use pin #2, #4, #6 pin#4 is common = negitive #2=msg #6= power
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