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Originally Posted by btdvox View Post
I don't know if i can agree with the fact that every CPU has the most likely chance to OC to 44-45 x multi. I believe it highly has to do with the Cooling. Most people are doing their calculations on air. On water, every person on the Xtremesystems forum is getting 4.8-5 ghz quite easily.
Nah, cooling doesn't help the multiplier situation at all, if your chip has hit the multiplier wall.

However, as I wrote in the conclusion, while I was writing the review I knew of 1-2 tweaks being worked on that had the potential to greatly improve overclocking on most chips. One has already been embedded in all current BIOSes, so that is partly why people are having such success.

When I got back from CES I tried my 2500K, which had a previous max of 47X, and it can now boot Windows at 51X.
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