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Originally Posted by mikellini View Post
MAC, you referred to a 10-20% increase in performance from Nehalem clock-for-clock due to architectural improvements. Did you test this? Where did you get this from?
Originally Posted by mikellini View Post
Hey MAC? :P
I did do a clock-for-clock comparison between Sandy Bridge/Gulftown/Lynnfield/Bloomfield, you can check out the table here.

However, I didn't really intend to post it because a) it was relatively difficult to try and get the SB processors on a level playing field with the other chips, since it has less adjustable multipliers/frequencies, and b) because from what I can tell, disabling EIST & C1E seems to have a slightly greater performance impact on SB chips than the others.

The above table also can't take into account whatever performance gains will be had when AVX comes into play with the release of the SP1 for Win 7.
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