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My System Specs


I have the exact same package from Rogers as you, I get this speed when I do any kind of internet connection benchmark: I took that one a week ago I think.

However, any real world d/l gets capped at 8mbit/sec, just under advertised speeds. They never give you your money's worth and make you think you're getting a good deal when you go to check if you are. This is just Rogers being controversial like they always are. Telcom companies all have questionable business practices, especially if they own a sports team or two. If they own the Skydome, (not the Rogers Centre) they're typically the worst of them all. Best way to deal with them is to squeeze every penny out of their package deals and bargain like the cheapest <insert racist expletive> you possibly can.

For torrents, uTorrent encryption works fine for me, as long as I don't saturate the upload I can get most of the speed I should be getting on the Express package. Rogers is very serious about torrent throttling, regardless of the legality of their actions or yours.

Don't upgrade the firmware on your modem, the last thing you want is Rogers giving you crap for modifying their modem. (unless you bought it, but still not the best idea) A firmware upgrade on your router probably won't do much either, unless it's an Asus, which it isn't.
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