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Default Something wrong with my cpu?

Hey guys. Need a bit of help here. Recently I tried getting oblivion to run on my PC, and I figure i should have no problem. Had some major FPS problems but I heard that it might be because of how badly optimized the game is. Regardless, i tried some different things (no AA, no HDR, no Bloom, VERY low reso) and nothing helped. I finally got fed up and started suspecting my cpu of bottlenecking my graphics card.

Long story short, i finally ended up running prime 95 (keep in mind, everything I have is stock, not oc'd yet) and the CPU reached 90 degrees within 2 minutes. At that point I worried and pulled the plug on prime 95.

To be completely truthful, i've never used prime 95 before. I know it's used to test stable OC's but i figure if my stock q9450 can't handle it for 2 minutes, there has to be something wrong, right?

any help is appreciated.
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