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Let's put it this way: If AMD is aiming Bulldozer at Bloomfield, the market will sigh and move on because 2011 is meant to surpass Bloomfield in every way possible. If they aim it at SB performance, the reaction will be the same since there is no way GF's immature 32nm process will produce cores with the same efficiency performance as Intel's second generation 32nm processors.

With Bulldozer, AMD faces the same problem as they currently do: their technology curve is significantly behind Intel's and they will once again be relegated to a "value" option and nothing more. To make matters even worse, the delays with Bulldozer mean it will likely compete against the 22nm Ivy Bridge processors. Hence why I use the word "compete" very, very loosely.

One other thing to take into account: working Ivy Bridge processors have been already shown working behind closed doors.
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