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Originally Posted by frontier204 View Post
Yep OCZ has odd things like that... For example my OCZ Platinum / Fatal1ty RAM is rated at DDR2 800, 5-4-4-18 but CPU-Z reports 5-4-4-15 timings. Note that at those timings my computer fails Linpack / Prime blend with 4 sticks installed so I'm running 6-5-5-18 instead. Did you try forcing 7-7-7-20 in BIOS to see if it is stable then?
No, did not go into BIOS to make any changes. While I'm hoping the faulty ram was creating the corrupted files, I'm just watching to see if anything crops up.... Although I did have a problem with the video card ("Timeout Detection & Recovery (TDR) = "Display Driver Stopped Responding and was Recovered") that occurred only with Dragon Age on 2 occasions. But no corrupt files or crashes since removing the faulty memory.
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