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Sorry but nope (or at least to the best of my knowledge...I could be wrong). No TRIM with RAID right now. For a VERY short while the first TRIM enabled Intel RST drivers did INCORRECTLY state (in the notes) that TRIM would be passed on to the SSDs even if they were in a RAID config. What the engineers meant was that in setup where you have a SINGLE SSD while having raid'ed HDDS (all on the ICH) the single SSD would still get the TRIM command passed to it. That actually is good to know as MANY workstations (ie one of Intel's BIG customers of SSDs) have raid'ed HDDs for storage and a singel SSD for the OS and up until then the RST drivers would not pass on the TRIM command even though the SSD was not in the RAID array. BUT the moment you stick two or more SSDs into a RAID config you lose TRIM.

In the future...maybe...hell probably. But that is the future and only time will tell who gets RAID + TRIM working. :)
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