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Originally Posted by Arinoth View Post
I've never found that with my optical out lowfat. I've used two different onboard and an older creative card optical to my receivers and both have outputted in 5.1. Mind you i only use winamp for my music and vlc for video so they may do something behind the scenes that i'm not aware of. All i know is that all my music players in 5.1 and all my videos output in 5.1 as well.

Tim what applications are you using for playback?
His can play 5.1 if he has a DTS or AC-3 compressed soundtrack. Like I said above some soundcards can encode and compress all audio in to AC-3. And if your playback sofware is set to upscale the audio then you very well may get audio out of all of your speakers w/ just a 2 channel soundtrack.

As an audio purist () though, I prefer my 2 channel music to play in 2 channel. If you have movies that only have 2 channel audio, your receiver can definitely do a better job at upscaling to 5.1/7.1 w/ PLIIx.
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