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My System Specs

Default New to water cooling, questions about fans.

Hey guys, I decided to take the plunge (ugh) and get myself some water cooling for my build. I decided that for the CPU and MOBO I'd take it easy at first and go with a Swiftech Edge triple rad kit (I know I know, nothing beats custom but I wanted to get a feel for it first before I go crazy complicated and this kit definatly lowered my temps)

I wanted to keep the footprint minimal as I will be doing a second loop when I grab a new set of cards next year. Anyway, the kit came with 3 120mm fans that I'm using for a pull/intake config on my haf-x (top mounted). Now I also have 2 320mm coolermaster fans that I was using on the top for exhaust but had to take out once the rad was installed. I have a 320mm exhaust on the side panel, a 320mm exhaust on the front panel and a 140mm exhaust on the rear.

So next week I'll be getting a NZXT sentry LXE external fan controller because this system is pretty loud at full speed and I'd like to control the speed externally. Since this will be my setup for a good while I'd like your guys input on what I should do with the rad. Should I go with the triple 120mm for the intake on the rad or do you think I'll get more airflow with the 320mm fans instead on the top?

Now I'm still pretty new to the PC build game so here are my ideas on the two setups. The 320mm dual fans will be quieter but there will be about a 4 inch gap between them and I think they will be more or less blowing "onto" the rad instead of through it but I might be wrong. Now the 3 120mm are going to be louder and they are "stock" fans that came with the kit but since they are mounted directly to the rad I feel that they essentially force the air through the fins. So instead of going it alone like I have thus far with the build I think it's time to join the forums and get input from the best and brightest as I will no doubt have many more questions once I start to push this system a little bit. Thanks again guys.

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