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My System Specs


No such thing as FSB clocking. Most people prefer lower voltage ram as it can always be overclocked. A good amount of the ram you actually see out there uses the same chips and have the same capabilities, so a little research goes a long way.

Go with 2x4GB. Ram is pretty cheap now so for about $30 more you have double the amount you'd have otherwise. I'd say aim for a 1600mhz/1.5V and you should be good. If you really aren't concerned, 1333 will suit you just fine.

I ended up picking up G.Skill 2x4GB Eco 1.35V 1600mhz kit after the Corsair Vengeance ram heatspreaders proved to be far too tall for my setup, but is isn't cheap in the slightest. Low voltage ram still packs a premium.

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