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Well it's obvious to me that this compressor is a bit bigger than 3/4hp. The temps are too good, and I know I'm not 'that' good.

I had it only partially insulated and was running medium strength fans. Now that it's insulated fully, and I installed around 60cfm fans, the temps are a lot better.

I was suspicious by the LRA being a bit higher and then I found the spec sheet. It's a 16cc compressor, and usually 3/4hp is around 12 to 14cc at most.

The unloaded temp is down to -65c and the load temp at 360w is -44c to -45c (fluctuates a bit)

So I'm impressed.

I've just finished the gas tuning, so I can do a final install on the case top, and then I'll do up the load result pics on it.

Pretty happy with this one. Hoping it's still under 19kg but I think so.

Just hope I don't have to build this one very often :D it's a lot more work than a 'normal' build :p

I like the cold...
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