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Sorry but you are making a couple assumptions that need to be corrected.
Intel drives suffer from degradation in non TRIM environments just as badly as SF drives do (one could make a very good argument that they suffer more than SF). SF drives are and always have been TRIM enabled drives. How TRIM works on SF drives IS different than how it works on most others (lazy house cleaning and all that), but with their ultra low .5 - .6 write amplification you could make a VERY good argument that the avg SF drive will last LONGER than the avg Intel drive (or any other mfg'ers SSD) as the NAND will not do as many writes in a given amount of time.

The fact of the matter is Intel drives also fail. I have had a couple Intels fail on me. In fact, I had one die right out of the box on me. It happens. Out of over 200 (or more I don't have a firm number as I gave up counting LONG ago) Indilinx and SF and Toshiba and Sammy based SSDs i can count on one hand the number of bad ones I have had. Out of the (just a guess as I'd have to go back and count them...and thats too much like work :P) 50 or 60 Intels I have also had only a couple bad ones. Its luck of the draw and the failure rate is about the same as it is with HDDs I use. Bad things, can and will happen. OCZ's are just as reliable as Intel which are just as reliable as Corsair which is just as reliable as {fill in any other SSD "mfg'er" here}.

BUT you have to look at the overall picture, some people just have "bad luck" with a certain mfg'er and thus should avoid that mfg'er in the future. It doesnt matter if you "know" in your head it will be just as reliable as any other if your gut says "NO" just won't be able to trust it and thus wont be happy with it. I too have a couple mfg'ers that I like to use in my builds (for example I like Seasonic based PSU's and CM cases) as I have had bad luck with other mfg'ers. This doesnt colour my professional opinions of those other mfg'ers as I understand that past experience doesnt mean jack with a new model and my personal experience will vary from yours ...but that was the hardest part for me to do as a reviewer. Its also why I say "YMMV" when asked for my personal opinion on things.

The Revo drive is a special case as it is TWO SF drives in a software raid array on a PCI-E based PCB. It shouldnt have failed after two weeks but like any mass produced product there are exceptions that prove the rule. BUT likle most SSDs they usually either die very quickly or last a long while. That is what happened to your friend and that is what can happen to ANY new SSD.

Honestly, right now is a bad time to buy any SSD as the new models are literally going to be coming out very soon. I just personally think the Intel's are a less than optimal choice right now as the SF's are just as good on the low 4K end as them but also have the high end to blow the Intels away. The new Intel gen 3 will basically be Intel's answer to the SF12xx drive....soooo it will be interesting to see IF Intel will be playing catchup for the next gen as SF 2xxx's are just around the corner (I fully expect Intel gen 4 to be killers as that is how it usually goes with Intel, they get their areses handed to them for a gen like they did with X2 amd 939s and then released C2Ds).

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