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Updating the firmware on ANY SF drive can be a bit a of a PITA. You n you can't use AMD drivers (on amd systems roll back to MSAHCI, reboot, rerun the updater, change back to amd drivers) and you cant use intel RST 10.x version drivers. You can use 9 series RST OR msahci drivers. You also cant be in dont work. Thats how bad reviews like that on the egg happen....well that and the peeps doing the "review" dont read up or spend 2 seconds on OCZ's forum!

I like the Intel gen 2...but it is now old and about to be EOL'ed. Why pay full price when in a very short period of time it will be a LOT cheaper? It is NOT any more reliable or "stable" than any other modern SSD....I don't even know where rumors like that get started as it is pure FUD.

The seagate XT hybrid is a very decent solution for peeps wanting more space than a hundred buck SSD can provide, yet also want more power than even a 10k rpm hdd can provide. It is NOT a SSD killer. TBH, its the future of HDDs (except for those for storage only...thing WD "green" line). A review on this drive is in the works (with me backed up on work AND just getting over the damn stomach flu AND our editor at CES...things are a tad SLOOOOOW right now). ;)
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