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Will the stock 540 cooler be enough for some light overclocking?

I was just going to run at stock speed, but if there's that much headroom from what I've read, I wouldn't mind OC'ing for a little performance boost.

So if I go for a slight OC, can an inexpensive HSF be that much better than stock? - Buy Coolermaster Vortex Plus CPU Heatsink Cooler 4 HeatPipes 92MM LGA775 LGA1156 LGA1366 AM3 Low Profile - RR-VTPS-28PK-R1 In Canada. - $26.98 - Buy Coolermaster Hyper 212 Plus Direct Touch 4 Heatpipe Heatsink AM2 AM3 LGA1366 LGA775 LGA1156 120MM - RR-B10-212P-GP In Canada. - $29.99

Any insight is much appreciated.
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