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Thanks guys :D

Yeah, it ends up with a really unique look the way it is. No one's really doing it this way, but it's not usually needed either.

This is the 'platform' for a case install though.

The 800D and a few other cases will take a horizontally installed condensor if you can fit a compressor in the base so it was a good 'practice session' for that too.

Yeah Dan, I usually try to allow for 1kg worth of packing and additional 'stuff' in the box. I go crazy and end up higher than that sometimes, but it's a good target. Heavy cardboard get's a bit heavier and I'd rather not have to take it to the post office and have to lug it back to repackage :p

I LOVE that tech support idea :D Designing is way more fun than the actual build! Prototyping is pretty cool sometimes though.

@Lowfat - Yeah, most of the time size and space aren't something a guy thinks about when a cooler's made. I'm trying to make things 'size conscious' lately, though if a case is already big I'll just go with that, but it's nice to make things smaller if possible. this is about as small as a rotary cooler gets I think. I'm really curious how these would do in a cascade. A case that would stack these could be very compact.

I like the cold...
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