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My System Specs


0.0 2000mhz Wow! /Cry mine is suppose to able to OC to that too....... /Cry /Cry you know Im about 99.99% sure im missing a few or one step in setting this Ram right. My last step here is too try to contact a Tech support guys who know this ram and Mobo. get him to run me through the step to seeting the ram.

You know... when you buy a windows 7 64 bit OS its not set a windows xp 32 bit at default and you have to F%$# with it. you don't buy a PSU at 700 but its set at 350 default and ETC..... if the Rams proper setting is 1600mhz, it should set 1600mhz by default. if you would it to be less or more then you have the option to OC it if you like..... that my opinion. :-\
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