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Default Horizontal Rotary SS project

Something new I've been working on.

A guy in India's been bugging me every time I build a Rotary benching cooler, asking about shipping costs and stuff. Anything over 20kg to India from Canada is like 1000 bucks so it's totally unrealistic, but there's no one close to him to make one.

So after a couple of units (and a lot of questions :D ) I figured I'd make one or at least try to keep it under 20kg.

I emailed some guys, and one has these Horizontal Rotary compressors. For whatever reason they're a bit lighter, this one's 11kg so there's room for a case and all the rest of the stuff you need.

I should call this the 'miracle weight loss program' since that's what it's really about :D
So specs first...

120mm custom condensor
240mm custom condensor
(Edit - they're basically 3/4 of a 9000btu condensor, reworked for horizontal and vertical application. Should be 2/3 at least, so 6000btu or so total condensor capacity)
Custom shrouds
3/4hp Horizontal Tecumseh rotary
Piotres big stepper (old shape)
1 meter braided flex
Older Chilly1 case

So yeah, it's gotta be light.

Rotaries in this range are usually 15+kg and most I have are closer to 20kg on their own.

The case is a heavy steel, so I may need to start cutting 'blowholes' to save weight, but we'll see.
So far, assembled weight was 19kg. With gas, I know I'm starting to get closer to the 20 mark, but there's no holes for the top mount horizontal condensor.

So I found the lightest steel I could find for the shrouds. They're strong enough, and really not carrying a lot of weight, but really weight is the issue.

The condensors are an ultralight type. Less than a kilo for both, including fans :D
the shrouds are a couple grams each. Only 22 guage.

Flexline and block add a fair bit, didn't weight those independently, but it adds up fast when your case is around 6+ kilos.

Otherwise it's 3/4hp performance so far. When I get a few more details done I'll post again.

It looks odd, but the compressor sits at a slightly upward angle.

The upper condensor is around 3/4" above the compressor when the case top is on and it'll screw into the top. Front condensor's shroud will get some 'speedclips' and then the screws will hold that up.
So a very 'specific' fitting, measuring everything so it's close. The pipes will give a bit of flexibility but it's got to be right or nothing works.

Oh, and the accumulator really IS that big. Odd looking thing, it's insulated in the pic with 6mm self adhesive neoprene but it's about 4 times the size of anything I've seen on an upright, or any horizontal for that matter.

So it's perfect for fitting again, meaning absolute PITA :D

This install is a 9" tall and wide case, and there's very little 'extra'.

May get a 200mm rear fan on it, but it's the weight. Not totally 'needed' but if I can it would really finish the back of it nice.

So that's basically what I mean by a custom condensor. having a bunch here means I can chop and braze almost anything and it's handy since getting someone else to do up a custom is a long wait or really expensive.

Have nooooo interest in making them all the time though. Takes a rod or two at like 5 bucks each (give or take) and the brazing, leaktesting, painting, and bending up a shroud is a lot of work, so here and there is fine but 'for everyone' there's just no way.

So I make 'em as it's needed but it's not really 'hard' just time consuming.

The shrouds and some other stuff still need more attention, but this is the basic idea. Been pretty neat so far, never had to get quite this picky before :D

There's a pic off their site. Shows the accumulator really well without insulation.

So I still have a bit of wiring and prettying up to do, but this is how it'll look assembled...

I measured well enough, it lined up enough to screw in the upper fan assembly and guards. Bit of clearance from the compressor so that's all good.

the front condensor and screen are decent, but I may do up another shroud, make it a bit prettier though it's not too bad.

All in all it's worked out well, and I'm at 18.5kg :D so I have room for a decent packaging job. The case is an old Chilly1 and it's seen better days, but it's stronger than most, very thick on the steel. So I shouldn't need a huge amount of padding, just some sheets of styrofoam around it and a box.

I'll post some results with actual load test pics, but initially and without much insulation it's running around -55c unloaded and -36c with 380w.

Don't know if the insulation will add a whole lot to temp results, but it's close to other big rotary projects I've done.

Though it's still not quite as cold as the Xmas box cooler. Don't know what I did that was so special on that one, but it's the best I've done for 'coldest' overall temps.

I'll keep trying I guess :D

I like the cold...
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