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The issue is that I pay for nothing but internet. I refuse to pay for cable. It's crap and loaded full of advertisements. I would use cable but I get so angry trying to watch a TV program that it's a no go. My time is valuable, I'm not going to watch the same commercial over and over again repeatedly when I already fight for free time

I don't pay for phone either. Minimum price from Shaw and Telus is $30 a month, whereas I have my own service via for $1.99/month.

In my case this isn't an issue of going through a reseller. I go through Shaw and Telus, who should be putting money back into the infrastructure they own. Telus claim they have, and aren't going to be charging overages.

Cranking prices is just a way for these companies to make other internet businesses (steam,, netflix) suddenly become uncompetitive. I'm sure Shaw would rather I pay for and use their own expensive services, right?
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