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Originally Posted by geokilla View Post
I'll answer his question. Multiple users in the house cause bandwidth usage to go up. I recently increased my bandwidth for Rogers Express to 60GB to 80GB and I'm still barely making it. Why? I got a PS3 so that eats up bandwidth. I watch drama and anime so that eats up anime. My sister watches the drama I watch along with korean drama (how she finds the time I don't know) and that eats up anime. We both game on our PC, whether it be Facebook games or SC2, so that eats up bandwidth. EVERYTHING eats up bandwidth.

I'm fine with tiered pricing as long as it's reasonable. As it's stated multiple times on DSL Reports, UBB is not. It costs more to provide bandwidth during peak hours than it does during non-peak. And that cost is not even close to the $1/GB or w/e they want to charge us.

Edit: Also UBB is a way for ISPs to reap in profit from people that cancel their TV service.
That's fair, but your argument is against the pricing being allowed by UBB not against UBB itself. Railing against the CRTC is the last thing you'd want to be doing as they're the only ones who'd realistically be able to step in with pricing unless the resellers want to start running their own infrastructure.

As it stands, your usage is a perfect example..... if you ran your PC games and your PS3 games along with standard internet usage (not streaming a lot of high def vids every day) you'd be hitting well under 60GB. My son games on Xbox360, and is on the internet with streaming webcam 12 hrs/day. I download a game or two a month, reload/download my steam account every 3 months or so, and have 4 PCs connected 24/7 and yet we hardly ever break 30GB a month.

It's the large "content" from outside sources that's taking up all of your bandwidth, and in your case you could easily pay an extra $10 - $20 / month to give you plenty of overhead for your current usage.

What it all boils down to in the end is that current ISPs with infrastructure shouldn't be held hostage by resellers who want to undercut them while not putting any money into the infrastructure to pay for higher bandwidth traffic. IMO forcing the big providers to allow resellers to use their transmission lines was never a good idea in the first place.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again.... when the resellers decide to put up their own infrastructure (and service it), they'll be free to set whatever prices they wish. Until then, the only thing the CRTC should be able to monitor is if the big providers are being un-competetive by not offering the ability of resellers to match the services they offer themselves. (i.e. selling bandwidth to resellers at a higher cost than what they sell to their own customers).
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