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Originally Posted by odis172 View Post
Well Bell's cabling infrastructure was subsidized by the government, back in the day. So it's not fair for Bell to impose restrictions on the independent ISPs. I say stop making excuses that the network can't handle the load, and upgrade it.

See this is the issue. We all paid for the lines to get upgraded. Now take a look at west verus east. In the east there is Bell wanting to charge more and penalize customers for using the service they have been provided. Now in the west Telus has spent about 1.5 billion in Alberta alone on upgrades over the past 2 years and that is why they are not charging overages at all, they have no need. You see their network is capable of the traffic they are selling.

And to the people that are only using a little bit each month that is fine but you have to remember that more and more people are using it more and more without even knowing it. Netflix, skype, youtube, and the multitude of other HD content that is on web. Not to mention that just surfing the web now uses way more bandwidth than before. It will be easier and easier for people to meet and exceed lower limits.

The point is as someone else stated if they can not provide full use of the bandwidth they sell then either slow the speeds down or upgrade their equipment.
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