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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
You answered your own question.

I typically do 30 a month, and in 2 1/2 years of use have never once been above 60. Why should I have to subsidize somebody who uses 10 times (or ofen 20 - 30 times) the amount of bandwidth I do?

As I stated earlier in this thread, I fully support tiered pricing, and don't believe that anything in this world should be offered without some form of cap (either structural though lower speeds, or financial through overage charges) as it encourages abuse, and discourages smart use of resources.

OTOH, as I've also stated in here... I do believe that we need some form of secure identifier for commercial bandwidth which would allow it to be treated differently WRT non-commercial bandwidth traffic. That doesn't necessarily mean that it should be free/unlimitted as that would just end up putting the burden of increasing capacity on providers who wouldn't be seeing any financial return. Without some form of control (financial incentive/disincentive), a company like Netflix could come out with a $10/month 1080p live streaming service without having to concern themselves with every household streaming "free bandwidth" 24/7 to the tune of 1TB/month when they're only paying for 10GB.

edit: Here's a thought... let's re-nationalize the transmission lines... I'm sure the government could provide you with lower rates, and better service...... ;)
I'll answer his question. Multiple users in the house cause bandwidth usage to go up. I recently increased my bandwidth for Rogers Express to 60GB to 80GB and I'm still barely making it. Why? I got a PS3 so that eats up bandwidth. I watch drama and anime so that eats up anime. My sister watches the drama I watch along with korean drama (how she finds the time I don't know) and that eats up anime. We both game on our PC, whether it be Facebook games or SC2, so that eats up bandwidth. EVERYTHING eats up bandwidth.

I'm fine with tiered pricing as long as it's reasonable. As it's stated multiple times on DSL Reports, UBB is not. It costs more to provide bandwidth during peak hours than it does during non-peak. And that cost is not even close to the $1/GB or w/e they want to charge us.

Edit: Also UBB is a way for ISPs to reap in profit from people that cancel their TV service.
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