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Question Help Please - Very Low PPD using a Quad with four Nvidia GPUs

Hey there Folding Team! I have recently rebuilt my folding farm from a Intel Q8200 with dual GTX 260's and 1Gb of memory to an Athlon II X4 635 with two GTS 450's, a 9800GT and a GTX 260, MSI K9A2-Platinum Motherboard, 3Gb of memory, A Silverstone 850W PSU, and running Windows XP Pro 32bit for an OS.

I was getting approximately 17-20 K points per day on the old setup, since the rebuild I have topped out at a meager 5 K points on a good day. As for clients I have the CPU running SMP on all 4 cores (running or not it doesn't seem to affect the GPU clients at all), one of the two GTS 450's running the Fermi client slowly (I don't know how to get the second Fermi card folding ), and the GTX 260 and the 9800 GT are running but are dead slow taking upwards of 8-12 minutes per completed percent.

I know this machine should be easily hitting somewhere north of 30 K per day with the hardware in there, but even reinstalling the clients doesn't help me out. Anyone able to offer some advice or assistance to get this machine producing again? I'll happily supply any additional information you need, and I'm open to a Teamviewer session if that is an option.

Thanks Team.

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