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UBB is crap.

Canada deserves a unmetered, unrestricted access to the internet.

Too much bandwidth being used? Then only sell a product that if left running the whole time would still stay in the parameters. I don't care if it's 5mbit. Why are the speeds going up just to have the caps stay the same or lowered? Again, this kind of restriction isn't fair to businesses that use the internet for a backbone, like steam, netflix, etc.

It's pretty obvious that if someone has to buy the $50 block of bandwidth with Shaw because of netflix downloads then it makes Netflix's unlimited HD movies for $7.99 (or whatever it is) pretty damn uneconomical to do so. Perhaps these same people will just keep paying their Shaw cable bill and pay for movie channels then?

I want to pay for speed, and be unrestricted after that point, much like it's always been here with Shaw, Telus, etc. It's worked for years and years. UBB is a way for the telecom giants to keep their monolithic business practices current and does not help out the consumer in any way whatsoever, no matter if they are the customer that goes over in bandwidth or not.

It's shit.

Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
I'm actually in favour of UBB as long as the fees are within certain limits and as long as throttling of legitimate files stays at a minimum. Say between $0.35 to $0.40 / GB in addition to an "access fee". Anyone wanting to download 200GB per month should be more than willing to pay $80 IMO.
What reasoning could ANYONE ever have for being in favor of UBB??? I've never been below 200GB. I would probably shut up and go away if they did $0.05 per GB, however.

Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
And don't start with "well what about GAMES!?". At 2-10 GB per, adding $1 - $4 to the cost isn't that big of a deal IMO.
Yes it is, stay out of my damn pockets. There are already enough hands in it, thanks. That steam game on sale isn't so great when UBB doubles it's price..... and for what?

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