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PRIMUS got on that wagon too

As you may have heard, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has recently approved Bell Canada’s request to introduce Usage Based Billing on wholesale Internet services.
The CRTC’s decision directly affects the High-Speed Internet service provided to you by Primus Canada and, unfortunately, the newly associated costs to Primus make the unlimited Internet service you are now enjoying no longer financially viable. This serves as 30 days notice that beginning February 1, 2011 there will be changes to your Internet service provided by Primus.

As a result, the following changes will apply commencing your February invoice:
  • Your existing High Speed Internet plan will now have 25GB of monthly usage included
  • For the minority of customers who exceed this amount, additional usage up to 300GB will be charged at $2.00/GB to a maximum of $60.00/month. Usage in excess of 300GB per month will be charged an additional $1.10/GB
  • Additional Usage Plans can be purchased starting at $5/month for an additional 40GB
said thing is isp's will charge you for same crappy service.

now should make partition to crtc for comsumer not getting fair service to useage, and is grandfatherd

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