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My System Specs


Thanks for the advice Rison, much appreciated.

Anyway, quick update. Everything that I still need is either paid for or on it's way! Extremely big thanks to Magictorch for my EK470 full cover block, should be arriving on Tuesday. Big thanks also goes out to Dazmode for extremely quick shipping. Thanks to that, the EK Supreme HF should be in by Monday. The only deciding factor on me building or not is the NCIX order for the compression fittings and a Bitspower 90 degree rotary fitting. Payment was sent today, so HOPEFULLY it'll ship on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. If it doesn't, I'm going to be a very disappointed hardware enthusiast.

So, as stated in the prior post, plan is to head home for the weekend next Friday, and on Sunday, grab the water cooling gear and my 72 kcups from, then head back to the apartment. From there, a night of building will ensue with the help of my room mates.

Expect pictures. Lots.
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