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My System Specs


Originally Posted by CMetaphor View Post
All you would need is a SLI board with 2 slots inbetween the PCIe x16 slots. Which isnt exactly difficult
For example:
Slots: x1 / x16 / x8 / PCI / x16 / x8 / PCI
The problem would actually be that you'd need a case with 8 PCI slots, lol. But considering that there are such cases in existence now, its still feasible.

Edit: Whoa! What have i been smoking, that fits in a standard 7-slot case. lol.
while this is true, not everyone may have a mobo like this, which would make you have to choose between no quad or having to get a new mobo.

not tryin to bring your idea down, just presenting my POV on it
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